28 Novembre 2020


It was 1995 when Tempesti S.p.A. decided to make a major change to its production.
Remaining ever faithful to its vegetable tanning philosophy, it introduced Maine to its collection.
Like the American state it was named after, the nature and colours blend to give an exceptionally beautiful mix. Here, too, the natural unfinished leather takes on the brightness of pastel colours.
This is a sensational revolution in the vegetable tanning industry;
never before has there been such a vast variety of colours, ranging from the softest beige to the warmest browns. The sectors where it can be used are endless, but the processing method makes Maine unique for footwear:
as it is a dry but flexible leather there are no grain cracking problems, or resistance to adhesives. The Maine colour chart now includes around 60 different shades, but this doesn´t mean that colour samples can´t be produced to customer specifications.
To learn about the extensive number of variants, we invite you to contact us directly.

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